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GESTURE - art in quarantine


  • Image of GESTURE - art in quarantine
  • Image of GESTURE - art in quarantine
  • Image of GESTURE - art in quarantine
  • Image of GESTURE - art in quarantine
  • Image of GESTURE - art in quarantine

TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT: I am still feverishly making these, but am currently at capacity on orders. I will offer them again ASAP.

GESTURE is a project you can be part of.
you can pre-order a piece of unpredictable, time and light sensitive art. You'll receive:
~ an original 14x11 inch photogram
~ the vintage handkerchief that was the "negative" for your piece
~ the test strip of your fugitive ink color
10% of purchase goes to SF-Marin Food Bank


We are all seeking relief right now: physical, emotional and financial. With this need for solace in mind I turned to the symbol of the handkerchief, something I had been intrigued by but had not worked with during my previous work with textiles. It is an object historically connected to personal health and hygiene – to caring for oneself - but it also a symbol of compassion for others; a simple gesture to comfort someone who is crying, from an era long before “social distancing”. Simultaneously, I am grappling with, as a working artist and mother of two small children, how to stay sane, support my family, and find a creative practice that I can do at home during this period of Corona Virus quarantine.

After a bit of experimentation a technique and a subject seemed to harmonize: over the period of this pandemic I will offer unique works that are my own form of “sun-prints” a variation on the photogram process made using fugitive inks and the sunlight streaming in the front windows of our San Francisco apartment. In the last several days I have heard several people say that “time seems to have slowed down”. This technique is excruciatingly slow and unpredictable, it is an experiment in duration and patience that reflects the current collective experience of waiting, watching and learning to exist in uncertainty.

Read all about this process here:


~ These pieces take several weeks to “expose”. Expect to receive your piece about 8 weeks from purchase date.

~Each piece is unique. The images you see here are just examples of the process. Yours will be unlike any other.

~11 x 14 inches each on archival 100% cotton rag paper.

~Colors vary. All are rich tones in the range of magenta, oxblood, rust, ochre, sienna, burgundy… and some teal and indigo.

~Once complete pieces are coated with UV fixative which decreases their sensitivity to light, however they should not be hung in direct sunlight and when possible should be framed with UV-protective glass or plexi.


Thank you for supporting artists/working mothers/families/small businesses in this time of uncertainty.

10% of your purchases from March-April were donated to the SF Homeless Prenatal Program. In May-June 10% will be donated to SF-Marin Food Bank, a local organization helping to feed thousands of families who have lost their income due to the pandemic.